错落有致  cuò luò yǒu zhì







  • 在柳树中间错落有致地种有桃树。
    The peach trees were interspersed among the willows.

  • 整体布局高低结合,错落有致
    Integral layout discretion is united in wedlock, strewn at random have send.

  • 摆放时要根据植物的外形、大小,达到错落有致
    The foundation wants when putting floral appearance, size, achieve strewn at random have send.

  • 这些建筑物立于高低起伏的岩石之上,错落有致
    These buildings stand above the level of ups and downs of rock, Cuoluoyouzhi.

  • 明楼院、统楼院、栏杆院、戏台院巧妙结合,错落有致
    Ming House, House, EC buildings, railings homes, cleverly combined with the stage house, cuo luo you zhi .

  • 三组错落有致的六大单体建筑,共同构建为承接服务外包产业的现代化楼宇。
    Three groups of six single layer construction, building common services for the outsourcing industry to undertake the modernization of buildings.

  • 一直相信,相逢和相遇,写满了奇迹,像是一首韵律叠加,错落有致的清词。
    Always believed that the reunion and encounter, filled with miracles, such as a rhythmic overlay, patchwork of clear words.

  • 而曾经是比赛场地的游泳池,水面下铺满了错落有致的钢筋管道和喷泉眼口。
    The venue was a swimming pool, Cuolayouzhi Shui Mianxia covered with a steel pipe and the fountain mouth eyes.

  • 布局严谨,设计巧妙,亭台阁楼,因地制宜,错落有致,规模宏大,气势壮观。
    Rigorous layout, cleverly designed attic pavilions, according to local conditions, cuo luo you zhi , large-scale, spectacular momentum.

  • 不规则的厨房内,错落有致地安置了厨炊所需的一切,空间利用得合理又充分。
    Inside irregular kitchen, strewn at random have everything what sent the ground to find a place for place of hutch cook a meal needs, the space is used reasonably sufficient.

  • 选用现场一棵树,利用深灰色的岩石,大小、疏密、错落有致的堆摆该树的影子。
    Choose a tree in the scene, make use of dark grey rocks in different sizes, and pile the shadow of the tree in a well-proportioned way.

  • 透明玻璃的多层外置搁板,把珍爱的饰物与日用品一一排开,错落有致,一举两得。
    On the external multi-storey transparent glass shelves, the precious ornaments and daily necessities are arranged one by one, strewed at random serving two ends.

  • 部分单位从餐厅往外延伸设置约40平方米的露台花园,形成错落有致的前后花园。
    Some units extending out from the dining room to install about 40 square metres balcony garden, a layer around the Garden.

  • 芹壁聚落是北竿最传统的聚落,错落有致的石屋与隔海的龟岛静静诉说著渔村的故事。
    Chinpi represents the most traditional village in all of Beigan. The orderly stone houses along with Turtle Isle across the water narrate the moving stories about the fishery villages.

  • 三芝前临东海、背倚大屯山,起伏的山坡上梯田错落有致、八连溪畔流转著水车风情。
    Sanjhih's coastline faces the East Sea, with Datunshan in the background. Terraced fields are scattered all over the rolling mountains, while a romantic waterwheel turns in Balien creek.

  • 作者把这个浪漫的爱情故事与现实中美国南北战争的描写贯穿在一起,双线交织,错落有致
    This romantic love story runs parallel with the descriptions of the realistic American Civil War, the two threads interwoven closely in a picturesque order.

  • 整个皇城相府的建筑特征是:依山就势、随形生变、层楼叠院、错落有致、古朴庄严、浑厚坚固。
    Imperialxiang fu of the entire building characteristics are: the hillside on the potential, with the shape change, stacked floor homes, cuo luo you zhi , ancient solemn, strong and vigorous.

  • 配套建筑有舍利塔、罗汉堂、九龙壁、放生池、钟鼓楼等,均为明清风格,古朴典雅,错落有致
    Ancillary buildings stupa, Rohan Hall, jiu long bi , fang sheng chi , Gulou bell and so on, are the Ming and Qing style, flavor, cuo luo you zhi .

  • 该负责人表示,即将建造的个性化别墅名为“倚林别墅”,这些别墅将沿着山坡而建,错落有致
    The responsible person said that the construction of personalized villa named "Yilin villa, " these villas will be built along the hillside, stood.

  • 整个建筑错落有致,画栋雕梁,工艺精巧,并设有“小姐楼”、“绣花楼”,整个庄园富丽堂皇。
    Cuoluoyouzhi the entire building, painting-dong carved beams, sophisticated technology and a "Miss House, " "embroidered floor, " the magnificent manor.

  • 现在,建成了多处牧民新村,一排排整齐的砖瓦结构平房和成片的蒙古包毡房错落有致,景象动人。
    Now, built a number of herdsmen Village, the rows of tidy bungalows and brick structure into a film in MongoliaZhanfang Cuolayouzhi, touching scenes.

  • 大大小小、错落有致,甚至韵味十足的曲线,为塑造灵性空间、展露个性风采提供了极大的想象空间;
    Large and small, Cuolayouzhi, or even the full flavor of the curve, to create spiritual space, showed personality charisma to provide a great imagination;

  • 色泽怡人。散发着黑色樱桃和树莓的芬芳。层次清晰,甜香中夹带些许辛辣的口味错落有致,回味绵长。
    Good color. Lovely but structured black cherry and black raspberry. Sweet, aromatic, and a bit spicy. A very nice wine, with a long, persistent finish.

  • 相对于普通的五、六层楼房,带地下车库、花园小品、错落有致的高层塔楼的确使人们的居住品质大大提升。
    Compared to ordinary five, six buildings, bring underground garage, garden pieces, the top layer is visible to greatly enhance people's quality of living.

  • 包包前方全部采用错落有致的铆钉设计,时尚感倍增,手拎、单肩与斜挎包都可兼得的功能设计给生活带来便利。
    The front of this bag is covered with orderly rivets, which enhance fashion sense of whole bag. A Handbag, a shoulder and a messenger bag three bring convenience to daily life.

  • 校区内草坪绿地、荷花水池,高低错落有致,完全达到了净化、绿化、美化的标准,已成为名副其实的花园式学校。
    School district green lawns, lotus ponds, high and lowcuo luo you zhi fully achieved purification, greening, landscaping standards, has become a veritable school garden.

  • 园内各景点错落有致,无论香樟古韵、红岩飞瀑,还是涓涓细流,垂柳拂水,极目远眺,绿茵春晖、湖光舟影,美不胜收。
    Ancient camphor trees, red rock, waterfall, brook, weeping willow, green land, spring sunlight and boat on the lake contribute to picturesque scenery.

  • 白鹅潭酒吧街秉承了欧洲古典主义建筑风格,每家酒吧均为2至3层欧陆风格建筑,高塔、钟楼和水塔风车等独特建筑错落有致
    Baie Tan Bar Street, home to the European classical architectural style, each bar are 2-3 Euro-style buildings, towers, the clock tower and windmill towers and other unique architectural Cuoluoyouzhi.

  • 其中D户型,使地上三层,地下二层,形成错落有致的七错层,空间布局合理,功能设施齐全,在视觉感官与实用中均发挥出了最大的优势。
    The D Huxing to three-tier on the ground, underground house, a layer of the seven Cuoceng space rationally, functional facilities, and in both practical and visual sensory play a maximum advantage.

  • 园内种植了大量银杏、榉树、马褂木等许多大规格乔木、植物错落有致,绿化层次分明。同时建有大面积的水体、花架、雕塑,并采用塑石工艺巧妙地表现了天然实景。
    In the garden planted the massive gingkos, the pointed zelkova, Ma Guamu and so on many big specification tree, the plant to be scattered and organized, afforests each level clearly demarcated.

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