蝇头小利  yíng tóu xiǎo lì








  • 据说英国参加共同市场是为蝇头小利而损害国家的利益。
    It was said that by joining the Common Market Britain would be giving away her national rights and advantages for a mess of pottage.

  • 很多蝇头小利,我懒得与人争高低,也没有必要争高低。
    A lot of petty, I bother to struggle with high or low, there is no need for high and low.

  • 交易可能小有赚头但蝇头小利不值得去冒巨大的潜在风险。
    The trade might well turn out to be profitable but the forgone profit is a small price to pay for avoiding a potentially big loss.

  • 想想本小姐什么时候会拿这些蝇头小利、小恩小惠当回子事。
    Thought when this young lady can take these petty profits, the petty favors when return to the child the matter.

  • 千万不要看不起这点蝇头小利,如果能做好了,一样能获取丰厚利润。
    Do not look down on this point petty, if they can do the same to obtain huge profits.

  • 而问题在于,零售商负担了所有的经销费用,却只能分到一些蝇头小利
    The trouble is, retailers bear all the costs of such sales efforts but reap only some of the benefits.

  • 它用一点蝇头小利引诱储户将辛劳积攒的钱存进去,从而谋得更大的利益;
    It seduces the depositor into depositing in the painstaking money that saves with some very small profits, thus the interests worked for more greatly;

  • 炒股是要经得住的诱惑,眼光放长远一点,不要每天为了的蝇头小利忘记自我。
    Stock is to stand the temptation to take a broader view on the long-term, not a day to forget petty self.

  • 如果投入1万元实施短线操作,按照这种赚蝇头小利的速度,不到5年就可以赚到10万;
    If input 1 yuan a short-term operation, in accordance with this petty pace to earn less than 5 years can earn 10 million;

  • 我们厌倦了与周围的人鸡毛蒜皮、斤斤计较,却又常常为了一些蝇头小利勾心斗角尔虞我诈
    We are fed up with the people around trivial, preoccupied, yet often for some petty profits infighting and intrigues.

  • 更多的则是赢利了做短线,受套了做长线,前者赚取的蝇头小利,永远弥补不了后者的累累亏损。
    More is to do short-term profitability has been, to do by a set of long-term, the former petty profits earned, the latter can not always compensate for a loss of many.

  • 过去上海人的某些精明被外地人称为“小气”,衣食住行样样讨价还价,蝇头小利都要斤斤计较。
    Shanghai in the past some people were smart outsiders as "stingy", using everything bargaining, who pursue petty must remain.

  • 我们不应该为了这些蝇头小利去损害自己的名声。出口这些武器的公司实际损害了中国的远大利益。
    We shouldn't be damaging our reputation for such petty profit. The company exporting these weapons is doing effective da Dating aging China's long-term prospects.

  • 我们不应该为了这些蝇头小利去损害自己的名声。出口这些武器的公司实际损害了中国的远大利益。
    We shouldn't be dam jing our reputation for such petty profit. The company exporting these weapons is doing efprospects.

  • 这种手法的惟一诀窍便是利用人们消费心理不成熟,喜欢贪图蝇头小利,结果导致贪小便宜吃大亏。
    This approach is the only know-how to use psychological immature consumption, like life who pursue petty, petty sum as a result suffer a great deal.

  • 又比如,行情短期见顶的时候,不少人为了那一点蝇头小利,个股明明已经破位还要死守甚至补仓!
    For instance, in the short-term market peaked, many people point to petty profits, the stock has clearly Powei would also like to defend or even to cover positions!

  • 我们不应该为了这些蝇头小利去损害自己的名声。出口这些武器的公司实际损害了中国的远大利益。
    We shouldn't be damaging our reputation for such petty profit. The company exporting these weapons is dtive damaging China's long-term prospects.

  • 我们不应该为了这些蝇头小利去损害自己的名声。出口这些武器的公司实际损害了中国的远大利益。
    We shouldn't be damaging our reputation for such petty profit. The company exporting these weapons is doing effective damagingvChina's long-term prospects.

  • 但那些黄金投资商们则更多地把注意力集中在那些将被发掘的金矿产量,而非局部交易中产出的蝇头小利
    But investors in gold exploration probably care more about the treasure to be unearthed than the trickle of income from ongoing sales.

  • 如果外资金融机构进驻中资银行是战略性投资,那么相信他们不会只看重眼前的蝇头小利而急于抛售股票。
    If foreign financial institutions into Chinese banks is a strategic investment, so they do not believe that the only value immediate petty profits and hastily sell their shares.

  • 不为影视艺术负责,不为客户着想,只为区区蝇头小利,就等于往自己的食物里下毒,也是在往悬崖上进军。
    We believe that making tiny benefits regardless of Film&TV production and benefits of clients is equivalent to drugging in our own food as well as marching along the cliff.

  • 劝劝采购俱乐部的采购们,不要为了蝇头小利失去你尊严,损害你的产品质量,还要担心被别人知道,等等。
    I therefore advise buyers that one can not loose his self respect for little "benefit" and to harm you and your product quality. Moreover, you could not sleep well when you do this.

  • 我们知道,一个档次很低的人,他的道德底线也会很低,往往一些蝇头小利的诱惑,足以让他放弃所谓道德。
    We know that someone with low taste's moral bottom line will also be quite low. Sometimes the temptation of petty profits are enough to make give abandon his so-called morality.

  • 也许,对于在上一轮大牛市中习惯了动辄翻倍的丰厚回报后,不过一两个百分点的额外收益实在是蝇头小利不值一提。
    Perhaps, in the last round of a major bull market in the habit of frequently doubled the returns, but one or two percentage points of additional revenue is not worth mentioning petty profits.

  • 但是,除非美国可以重新恢复经济增长、摆脱房地产和抵押危机、经受住更高的食品和能源价格,否则这些优势将是蝇头小利
    But those advantages will be small comfort unless the U. S. can revive economic growth, shake off its nasty housing and mortgage crises, and weather higher food and energy prices.

  • 镜报编辑皮尔斯莫根曾说到,他并不介意他的报纸发行量下降,因为,不像他的对手们,他在追求 “伟大的新闻主义而不是蝇头小利。”
    The Mirror editor, Piers Morgan, has said he does not mind if his paper's circulation declines because, unlike his rivals, he is pursuing "great journalism and not tits".

  • 切花(cut-flower)产业就这样形成了,每年仅玫瑰一种花即可创造100亿美元的价值,不过相比从前这只能算是蝇头小利
    The result is a cut-flower industry in which roses alone are worth $10 billion a year. But that is peanuts compared with what happened in the past.

  • 我们应该谨慎。不要被那些消耗我们太多时间和精力的蝇头小利所驱使。 因此。 作为一个学生在去打小时工以前。应该谨慎地思索和权衡。
    We should be far-sighted and not be driven by small profits which will ex-haust our whole time and energy So a student should think and weigh carefully before taking a part-time job.

  • 水旱灾害有时是难以避免的,但是,如果人们平时注意保护生态环境,减少那些为了一些蝇头小利的短见行为,这在一定程度上就抑制了灾害的发生。
    The disasters sometimes cann't be avoided, it wouldn't appear in some degree if people could protect the ecological environment and decrease the behaviors of shortsighted view in normal tunes.

  • 可是如果一个人损害了他人的赫赫声名,那么他只能获得一点点名声这点蝇头小利,只是这个收获小到难以令他自我安慰,难以平衡它所带来的罪恶。
    but he that blasts a flourishing reputation, must be content with a small dividend of additional fame, so small as can afford very little consolation to balance the guilt by which it is obtained.

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