蜂拥而来  fēng yōng ér lái








  • 三是有钱人蜂拥而来,群起炒房。
    Third rich come in swarms, rose Real.

  • 取消定购的通知从世界各地蜂拥而来
    Cancellations on orders are pouring in from all over the world.

  • 人们蜂拥而来观看演出。
    People crowded to see the performance.

  • 他们一旦发现了这种黄金,就会向这新金矿蜂拥而来
    Once they discovered it, a rush for the new gold was on.

  • 音著协云南办事处措施一出,质疑之声立即蜂拥而来
    Music Association for Book of Yunnan a Measures Office, immediately questioned the voice of the rush came.

  • 人们蜂拥而来,瞬间把这位自杀者四面围了个水泄不通。
    People roll in, the instant this suicide all around surrounded watertight.

  • 我当初那篇认赔出场的文章让读者的电子邮件蜂拥而来
    My original throwing-in-the-towel column generated a torrent of emails from readers.

  • 国际热钱蜂拥而来之日,正是上海楼市开始冷却之时。
    international hot money come in swarms, however the date is the beginning of the cooling of the Shanghai property market.

  • 为应对蜂拥而来的难民,官方急需帐篷及一个长期性计划。
    Officials need tents and a long-term plan for the stream of refugees.

  • 那时,尼加诺尔率领军队,吹着号角,唱着军歌,蜂拥而来
    But Nicanor, and they that were with him came forward, with trumpets and songs.

  • 到公元前约1000年,埃及遭受到蜂拥而来的入侵者的掠夺。
    By 1000 BC waves of invaders began to assail the land.

  • “新人”从四面八蜂拥而来,大街上从早到晚都熙熙攘攘,挤满了人。
    With "new people" thronging in from all directions, the streets were choked and noisy from morning till night.

  • 现在,新边疆的人员从各州政府、各大学、各基金会、各报社蜂拥而来
    Now the New Frontiersmen swarmed in from state governments, the universities, the foundations and the newspapers.

  • 暮光之城万人迷罗伯特·帕丁森被那些蜂拥而来女粉丝们搞得不知所措。
    "Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson is "overwhelmed" with all the girls throwing themselves at his feet.

  • 各地的教堂开门欢迎他,众人蜂拥而来听他讲道。同时也有别人传讲上帝的道。
    The churches were opened to him, and the people thronged to listen.

  • 湖北一些县整村整村的农民蜂拥而来,希望能耕种无主良田,占有无主的好屋。
    Some counties in Hubei whole villages of peasants flocking from, hoping to cultivate unclaimed farmland possession of a good house without the Lord.

  • 该公园向那些每年不远千里蜂拥而来的旅客提供的流连忘返的自然奇迹究竟是什么?
    What were the fascinating natural wonders that the park supposedly offered to the scores of tourists who flocked here from thousands of miles away every year?

  • 自1992年4月起,英山县将每年的农历谷雨定为茶叶节,全国各地茶商蜂拥而来
    Since April 1992, Ying Shanxian will be the annual Lunar New Year Festival Guyu as tea, Chashang flocked from all over the country.

  • 高速公路;每逢科比的比赛,观众都要蜂拥而来,有一次把校外的高速公路都堵塞了。
    He once packed the school gym so much that it caused a traffic jam on the main highway just outside the school.

  • 你将成为一个很富有的妇女,这一,各种敲诈勒索者,还有其它这类人都会蜂拥而来
    You've going to be a very rich woman and all the sharks and the rest of them will be after you.

  • 正月十五这天城乡群众蜂拥而来,各行各业竞相贸易,游人香客都要携带劈柴去烧秦桧。
    Fifteenth day of urban and rural masses in droves that day from all walks of life competing for trade, tourists have to bring pilgrims to burn firewood Qin Hui .

  • 亚里斯多德鸽派附和教会,他们过去蜂拥而来,将伽利略捧上天,现在又开始谴责他至死。
    And Aristotle's pigeons went with the Church. They had flocked to praise Galileo to the skies, now they begin to peck him to death.

  • 虽然出租车司机纷纷抱怨台商的吝啬与挑剔,但台商像候鸟般蜂拥而来,对于他们绝对不是坏事。
    Although the taxi driver blames a Taiwan businessman in succession miserly with captious, but the roll in like migrant of Taiwan businessman resembling, absolutely to them not be evildoing.

  • 在简报结束时,薄雾蜂拥而来,我们飞往基尔库克(伊拉克东北部摩苏尔东南一城市)的计划被延迟。
    By the end of the briefing, a light fog had rolled in, delaying our flight to Kirkuk.

  • 面对众多蜂拥而来的看房者,储经理却面无喜色,原这么多看房的人,却连一个下订单的客户都没有。
    In the face of the numerous come in swarms house, but face a happy expression Chu Manager, the original house so many people, even one of the customers orders are not.

  • 随着昨日包括407名运动员和226名教练的中国代表团抵达希腊的首都,种种推测和预测蜂拥而来
    Speculation and prediction have scaled heights as the first, major batch of 407 sporting hopefuls and 226 coaches and officials landed in the Greek capital yesterday.

  • 海尔成为众矢之的,充满恨意的电子邮件向他蜂拥而来,大部分都指控他是隐瞒海尔波普彗星真相这项阴谋的一员。
    Hale became the target of a flood of hate Email, much of it accusing him of being part of a conspiracy to suppress the true nature of Hale-Bopp.

  • 这个家庭选择大量延长自己的生命(达到18000人类年),并需要大量力量以阻止死亡的梦想蜂拥而来并降临到每个成员身上。
    This family chose to extend their lives extensively (up to 18, 000 years as humans measure it) and required a load of power to keep death dreams from rolling in upon each member of the clan.

  • 座头鲸在阿拉斯加海域一跃一落的捕食季节期间,观鲸者蜂拥而来观看它们破水出的场面,科学家们在争论着成群的鲸是否合作捕食。
    Whale-watchers flock to such spectacles [as breaching] during the spring-to-fall feeding season off Alaska, while scientists debate whether groups of whales hunt cooperatively.

  • 工程刚开始,邻居们蜂拥而来:当地农民坚决认为那块土地上的每一株胡桃木属于他们,所以要求她为被砍掉的每一株树赔偿几千元的损失。
    Construction had just begun when the neighbors arrived: farmers who insisted that the walnut trees on the land belonged to them and demanded thousands of dollars for each tree that was cut down.

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