矢志不渝  shǐ zhì bù yú







  • 矢志不渝。经常自我宠溺。非常慷慨。
    Determined. Indulge themselves often. Very generous.

  • 美国将矢志不渝地致力于确保全球安全。
    America's commitment to global security will never waver.

  • 那些不老的爱情故事,海枯石烂,矢志不渝
    The  sweet  love  story  is  older  than  the  sea .

  • 追求行业科技领先是科迈特人矢志不渝的奋斗目标。
    Pursuing the advanced technology in the NDT field is the target of KEMAITE's personnel forever.

  • 大海对礁石矢志不渝的爱,令我对礁石也刮目相看
    The sea on the reef vowed to love, I also look on the reef.

  • “诚信,奉献,开拓,奋进”是公司矢志不渝的追求。
    "Honesty, devotion, striving, and development"is the eternal pursuing of the Co.

  • 她相信自己的直觉,并矢志不渝地热爱自己的舞蹈事业。
    She trusts her own intuition and remains steadfast to her love for her artistic medium.

  • 满足客户的需要、确保客户的成功是我们矢志不渝的目标。
    Meet customer needs, to ensure the success of our customers to remain objective.

  • 而且她相信,一直到老,她都会矢志不渝地爱着这些小精灵。
    And she believes that until the old, and she would love to persistence of these small smart.

  • 鉴真和尚东渡日本,五次渡海失败,以至双目失明,但仍矢志不渝
    Jianzhen, a Chinese monk, tried five times on sailing trips to Japan but failed. He went blind as a result.

  • 和她对乡村老师矢志不渝的热爱,都由导演准确地捕捉和再现了出来。
    and her unflinching love for the village teacher were exquisitely captured and presented by the director.

  • 让用户感受“放心与信赖”、“经济与实惠”是我们矢志不渝的信念!
    Allow users to feel "at ease and trust", "economic and material benefit" is that we vowed to adhere to!

  • 和她对乡村老师矢志不渝的热爱,都由导演准确地捕捉和再现了出来。
    love for the village teacher were exquisitely captured and presented by the director.

  • 拥有成功人生的人是那些把目光瞄准自己的目标并矢志不渝地追求的人!
    The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly!

  • 爱的界限到底有多远?谁还天真的抱着虚伪的誓言,相信他的矢志不渝,海枯石烂!
    The more I think about you , the more reasons I find for loving you as much as I did !

  • 作为行业新秀,公司矢志不渝地追求自己的目标———成为中国最重要的经销商之一。
    As the profession rising star, the company pursues own goal - - - to become one of decisively Chinese most important dealers.

  • 雷金河同志在64年的革命生涯中,一贯忠于党、忠于人民、对共产主义事业矢志不渝
    Reginald River comrades in the 64-year revolutionary career, has always been loyal to the Party and people, unswervingly to the communist cause.

  • “汇聚智慧,博大而精深”,打造最尖端的电力线路紧固件是“汇博人”矢志不渝的梦想!
    "Brought together the wisdom, broad and deep", to create the most cutting-edge fasteners power lines is "Huibo's staff " vowed to dream!

  • 其所表现出的爱国主义精神、奉献精神、矢志不渝和实事求是的精神永远值得世人景仰和学习。
    It is worthy to be respected and learned from their patriotism, spirit of dedication, consistency, being practical and realistic and hard strive.

  • 但我对皮尔斯特别满意,有件事他矢志不渝,他一直不想改换门庭,其实,他跳槽的机会很多。
    But I'm happy for Paul, especially. The one thing he has maintained is that he wanted to be a Celtic. There's many times he could have jumped ship.

  • 楼内以梅、兰、竹、菊、荷作为背景装饰图案,隐喻着刘少奇坚持真理、矢志不渝的崇高风范。
    The tower is decorated by the background of plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and lotus, which implies the lofty thought of Liu Shaoqi for persisting in the truth and never changing his aspiration.

  • 总之,他会将自己对自然和社区矢志不渝的热爱轻易地融入对‘纯粹的资本主义’的绝对忠诚之内。
    Somehow, he never had a problem in blending his lasting love of nature and community with his absolute faith in 'pure' capitalism.

  • 实现和谐发展和充分人权,是世界各国人民共同追求的目标,也是中国人民矢志不渝为之奋斗的目标。
    Having full human rights and realizing a harmonious development has long been the pursuit of people all over the world, and it is a long-term historical mission of the Chinese people.

  • 回首过去,申奥八年路漫漫,我们矢志不渝,申奥成功,展望未来,信心百倍办奥运,我们激情满怀。
    In the past, Lu's eight years long, we persistence successful bid Looking to the future, boundless confidence Olympics, we passionate enthusiasm.

  • 我们应当从这一段美丽而忧伤的爱情故事,一首催人泪下的爱情绝唱中感受爱的春天,对爱的矢志不渝
    From this we should be beautiful and sad love story of a love moves people to tears Masterpiece feel love in the spring, The persistence of love.

  • 对任何人毫无歹意,对所有人满怀爱心,伸张正义矢志不渝,因为上帝给他大能看到正义。(亚伯拉罕-林肯。
    With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gave him to see the right. (Abraham Linecoln.

  • 中国造纸协会的宗旨是:为提高造纸行业的整体素质和经济效益,矢志不渝地为企业提供服务,维护行业的合法权益。
    The mission of CPA is to work relentlessly in serving and protecting the legal rights of the industry in the process of upgrading the quality and economic performance of the industry.

  • 河北铁狮磨浆机械有限公司是一家具有30多年建厂历史、矢志不渝扎根于磨浆机械及农牧机械领域的专业化生产企业。
    Hebei Iron Lion Milling Machinery Co. , Ltd is a professional manufacturer of more than 30 years and have been in milling machinery and farm machinery from the beginning.

  • 邱亚才在画中展示中国文人气息,多年来矢志不渝地画人像画,以肖像画著称,他也藉由画笔挖掘出人类理性面具下卑微、傲慢、颓废脆弱的气息,成功呈现文人感怀落寞的颓靡氛围。
    His paintings also depict the characteristic mannerisms of the Chinese scholar. For many years, he concentrated on portrait painting and used it to reveal the loneliness and decadence of the literati.

  • 没有所谓'矢志不渝',------只因找不到更好的。没有所谓'难舍难离',------是外界诱惑不够大,若真大到足够让你离去,统统拨归于'缘尽'。没有所谓的头也不回,------不回顾,当然是马上有了填补,无心恋战。
    That we are together is because the attraction outside is not great enough. When the attraction comes to be great enough , everything is over. You never look back because you have find another one.

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