神不知,鬼不觉  shén bù zhī,guǐ bù jué






  • 神不知鬼不觉,别双亲,妻,老公,弟兄,儿。
    Acknowledging none else,not parent,wife,husband,brother,child.

  • 他以为此事神不知鬼不觉,谁知却被林菲发现。
    He assumes no one will find out about this; however it is discovered by Lin Fei.

  • 布什总统悄悄潜入了巴格达,神不知鬼不觉,没人知道。
    President Bush sneaked quietly into Baghdad and nobody knew about it…

  • 别妄想这世界是神不知鬼不觉,以为做事不必承担后果。
    Don't think that you are alone in this world,or that your actions have no consequences.

  • 身为保龙一族的情报人员,我应该神不知鬼不觉的隐藏身份。
    Being a member of the Forbidden City cops,I should try my best to cover my identity.

  • 在天亮之前,神不知鬼不觉地回到了宫殿里它们自己呆的地方。
    Before daybreak,they returned unseen to their places in the palace.

  • 然后他趁着夜黑风高,神不知鬼不觉的将猫放到邻居的门廊上。
    Next he is taking the advantage of night black wind is tall,on the puts the cat neighbour lanai of the without anybody knowing it.

  • 当然,如果你罪有应得,她们也可能神不知鬼不觉地,一枪把你给毙了。
    Of course,you deserve it,they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it.

  • 当然,如果你罪有应得,她们也可能神不知鬼不觉地,一枪把你给毙了。
    Of course,if you deserve it,they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it.

  • 老板键-热键快速隐藏/显示自己设定的窗口(支持多个),神不知鬼不觉
    the boss button - hotkeys rapid hide / show their settings window (support multiple),without anybody knowing it.

  • 如此一来,客户的PIN码常可在不被窜改的情况下,神不知鬼不觉遭窃取。
    This way,the customer PIN codes can often not be altered circumstances,I do not know God ghost unknowingly hijacked.

  • 这些匆忙写就的微型软件,藏身在大块的程序当中,神不知鬼不觉地发动攻击。
    They're tiny bits of software,often quickly written,that hide in larger programs and then pounce unpredictably.

  • 还是他把你狂热的幻想用行动表现出来,你神不知鬼不觉地被这个小丑所吸引?
    Or are you drawn somehow to this strange clown,perhaps because he acts out your wildest fantasies?

  • 人们正感到惋惜时,它们又神不知鬼不觉地窜了出来,像在捉弄人们,好不淘气!
    It is regretted that,they also out to flee,as in make fun of people,really naughty!

  • 神不知鬼不觉地,冷战的战场被移到了摄像机视野之外,这片世界上最寒冷的地方。
    In secret,far from prying television cameras,the Cold War had been carried to its coldest venue.

  • 有个场景,王一民在高墙外,跨步上树,轻盈一跃,已站在院中,可谓神不知鬼不觉
    Has a scene,king people outside the tall wall,in the stride sets up,the lithe leap,has stood in the courtyard,it may be said that the god does not know the ghost unconsciously.

  • 然后在地下管道中潜行,摸到一个巡逻的敌人的前方,从后面突袭,神不知鬼不觉把他干掉。
    Then go in secret in the underground piping,touch an enemy's front for patrol,raid from the behind,done in complete secrecy polish off him.

  • 瞬间,古娟神不知鬼不觉地出现了。她穿着蓝色衣服,黄色羊毛长统袜,颇似慈善学校的学生。
    Gudrun came up quickly,unseen. She was dressed in blue,with woollen yellow stocking,like the Bluecoat boys.

  • 老农的举动被一伙扒手注重了,发财的欲望驱使他们施展特技,神不知鬼不觉地偷了老农怀里的东西。
    The act of old farmer was noticed by a group of thief,the desire that get rich drives stunt of their put to good use,ground of without anybody knowing it stole old farmer to conceive the thing in.

  • 研究团队结论认为,这种病毒在人类感染的首例之前,已经神不知鬼不觉地在猪只身上流传演化已久。
    This,they conclude,means the bug was circulating and evolving undetected in swine for quite some time before the first people were infected.

  • 超人心想,真是飞来艳指也,反正现在四下无人,待我飞下去爽快的搞她一下,也是神不知鬼不觉的。
    Exceed popular feeling to want,it is flying Lai Yan points to really also,anyway now 4 unmanned,wait for me to fly to do her readily,also be a without anybody knowing it.

  • 偏巧这时候,家里来了一个小偷,他神不知鬼不觉地默默潜伏在屋檐下,希望等读书人睡觉之后捞点好处。
    It so happened that this time,home to a thief,he did not feel a ghost hidden in the roof,the thief hoped, that the scholar would go to sleep and get some benefits.

  • 东非大裂谷(北起叙利亚,南至莫桑比克,全长6000公里)以东的部分,正在神不知鬼不觉地遁入印度洋。
    Everything east of the Great Rift Valley--a 6000-kilometer gash that runs from Syria to Mozambique--is imperceptibly moving into the Indian Ocean.

  • 我自日举行的这一主干中,我能够运输的津巴布韦的帮助下,维和士兵的掩护下转达我个人的影响,神不知鬼不觉
    I have since held on to this trunk box,which I was able to transport out of Zimbabwe with the aid of peacekeeping soldiers under the guise of conveying my personal effects without anybody knowing.

  • “这些着火点并没有离开,”密斯说:“火就在那儿(在地下)闷烧,神不知鬼不觉地向周围蔓延,直到条件成熟再蹿升到地面。”
    "These fires don't go away," Mease said. "It sits there and smolders [underground],creeps around,skunks around,until it gets the right conditions to go to the surface. "

  • 兰德鲁收取了30,000美元的捐献。而几天后,她神不知鬼不觉地将一项百万美元的指定拨款项目变为法律以让她的捐助者受益。
    Landrieu took $30,000 in contributions. Then just days later,she slipped a million-dollar earmark into law to benefit her contributor.

  • 这份电话问卷的副本虽己注明“仅供特定人士观看,机密”,但神不知鬼不觉,最后仍落入亚拉巴马与密苏里两州的记者与环保人士手中。
    Although labeled "privileged and confidential,"copies of the telephone survey are mysteriously ending up in the hands of reporters and environmentalists in both Alabama and Missouri.

  • 这份电话问卷的副本虽己注明”仅供特定人士观看,机密”,但神不知鬼不觉,最后仍落入亚拉巴马与密苏里两州的记者与环保人士手中。
    Although labeled "privileged and confidential,"copies of the telephone survey are mysteriously ending up in the hands of reporters and environmentalists in both Alabama and Missouri.

  • “在不涉及爱情与性的问题上,男性通常会将自己热情的一面隐藏起来,”米歇尔•••薇娜•戴维斯说,她是《神不知鬼不觉地改变男人》一书的作者。
    "Guys often hide their passionate sides from women when it doesn't involve romance or sex," says Michele Weiner Davis,author of A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man: Without His Even knowing it.

  • “在不涉及爱情与性的问题上,男性通常会将自己热情的一面隐藏起来,”米歇尔•••薇娜•戴维斯说,她是《神不知鬼不觉地改变男人》一书的作者。
    "Gays often side their passionate side from women when it doesn't involve romance and sex,"says Michele Weiner Davis,author of A Women's Guide to Changing Her Man:Without His Even knowing it.

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