千奇百怪  qiān qí bǎi guài








  • 有时候,我的目标千奇百怪
    Sometimes my goal has been whimsical in the extreme.

  • 这海里的物件,真是千奇百怪,什么稀罕物都有。
    This nautical miles of the object is really strange, what are rare.

  • 看成功的经验没用,成功的原因经常是千奇百怪的。
    Looked that the successful experience is useless, the success reason is frequently all sorts of strange and unusual.

  • 到医院进行处女膜修复的女性多种多样,原因也千奇百怪
    The woman that has Hymen repair to the hospital is varied, reason also all kinds of strange things.

  • 家家户户院内都种植着石榴等树木,院内也摆放着千奇百怪的石头。
    Every hospital were plantation of pomegranate trees and so on, the hospital has also placed an unusual stone.

  • 大棚里的奇瓜异果真是千奇百怪,还有一些我叫不上名的奇特瓜果。
    Greenhouses where the odd melon different is what really strange, there are some I do not call on the name of the strange fruit.

  • 六年里,他用相机记录了在各种千奇百怪的情况下安然入睡的中国人的面孔。
    Six years, he recorded with the camera in a variety of strange circumstances of the Chinese people to sleep safely face.

  • 最使她吃惊的不是如此多的千奇百怪的要求,而是她在这过程中发现了快乐。
    What surprised her the most was not so much the varied requests but being able to find happiness in the process.

  • 第二次世界大战期间,盟军飞行员以及逃亡战俘循着千奇百怪途径,逃离德军占领的欧洲。
    Allied flyers and escaped POWs followed many unusual paths to safety from occupied Europe in the Second World War.

  • 千奇百怪的现代茶几造型、圆形、矩形等几何图案创新应用给我们带来视觉上的新奇感受。
    The application of geometrical design innovation such as the modelling of contemporary tea table of all kinds of strange things, circle, rectangle brings the novelty on the vision to experience to us.

  • 大夥儿假装跟着吉姆和利弗希医生一起去寻宝,航海的过程中,充满了千辛万苦和千奇百怪的事。
    Everybody disguises with Jim and 利弗 hopes doctor to seek the treasure together, in the navigation process, has filled the untold hardships and all sorts of strange and unusual matter.

  • 由于油管在井下所处环境十分复杂,腐蚀影响因素众多,因此产生的腐蚀现象千奇百怪,不胜枚举。
    Because the surroundings in which the downhole tubing is placed are very complex and there are many corrosive factors, the corrosion phenomena are various and too numerous to enumerate.

  • 昨日,湖南卫视《智勇大冲关》制片人罗强良接受了本报记者的专访,为千奇百怪的参赛选手正名。
    " Yesterday, Hunan Satellite TV, "Zhi-Yong Guan Chong large, " Luo Qiang-producer accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter, for the variety of name players.

  • 洞顶有一罕见大石梁,长达数丈,上有无数千奇百怪的钟乳石,纵横交错, 侧垂悬挂,极为壮观。
    On the roof of the cave, there is a rare gigantic stone ridge, several meters long, with uncountable preposterous intersecting with each other.

  • 我们每天都可以从报纸和电视上了解到千奇百怪的事情,归根结底,这些事情的最终根源是教育问题。
    Every day we can newspapers and on television that strange thing, after all, the ultimate root cause of these things is education.

  • 世界上存留着各种各样千奇百怪的秘密,因为不愿意被人发现而精心掩藏,又因为希望有人能发现而留下线索。
    There are various mysteries around this world which is not willing to be discovered and be carefully hidden, yet, there are also clues to the mysteries leave for people to discover.

  • 然而比赛开始后,这些参赛者便一个个都没有了之前的从容,尴尬无比的神情和千奇百怪的答案让人啼笑皆非。
    But after the game, the contestants one by one they have not had before calmly, very embarrassing and unusual expression of the people to answer ridiculous.

  • 夜幕降临,孩子们便迫不及待地穿上五颜六色的化妆服,戴上千奇百怪的面具,提上一盏“杰克灯”跑出去玩。
    As night fell, the children can not wait to put on make-up of colorful costumes, unusual wear mask, put on a "lights Jack" Paochuquwan.

  • 读者提供的线索千奇百怪,但是好奇记者都一笑置之,因为绝大部份的怪异事件都跟意识无关,不具参考价值。
    The clues from the readers were a mixed bag of the strangest order. The reporter laughed them off, because the majority of the incidents described had nothing to do with the mind.

  • 夜幕降临,孩子们便迫不及待地穿上五颜六色的化妆服,戴上千奇百怪的面具,提上一盏“杰克灯”跑出去玩。
    As night fell, the children could not wait to wear colorful makeup suits, wearing strange masks, put on a "Jack Light" pumpkin.

  • 他说:“大脑是一个解释性的器官,当我们睡着,大脑各部分联系不再那么紧密,我们就会梦见千奇百怪的故事。
    "The brain is an interpretive organ, and when regions are less connected as they are in sleep, we get bizarre narratives, " he says.

  • 用最优秀的推销员测试,然后向其余人员推广。用最优秀的推销员来测试交叉销售,他们有卖出任何千奇百怪商品的欲望和动力。
    Test with the best, then roll with the rest. Test cross-selling first with the best salespeople. They have the drive and initiative to smooth out any of the kinks.

  • 哪些属于带有营利性质的经营活动、哪些属于网友自己闲置物品的再利用———看起来简单,但网上产品千奇百怪,似乎不好判断。
    What is a profit-making nature of the business activities, which are idle netizens their re-use items - looks simple, but the online product variety, it seems that bad judgement.

  • 一方面是无比匮乏的图像挪用和复制,一方面是标新立异千奇百怪的创意比拼和竞赛,让我们在眼花缭乱中日益变得平庸和缺乏生气。
    On one hand, deficient images are misused and copied, on the other hand, unconventional and all kinds of strange creation contests have made us feel mediocre and weak among dazzling environment.

  • 我的恩师杨光先生,一生中所遇到过许多千奇百怪的事情,最使我欣赏的妙趣横生的是《艳遇》。现在我把它写出来,以共同提高我们的观察能力。
    my favorable teacher peter: yang-guang, has had numerous chance-meetings, below is but one of the most amusing ones, hoping that you will like it.

  • 那里的岩石千奇百怪,有的高高突起像高山峻岭,有的坑洼地陷像深谷沟壑,有的如履平地似万里平原,还有的岩石上长了苔藓,若一望无际的绿洲。
    Where strange rocks, some as high processes, eliminate some of the ground settlement as deep gully, and some plain like thousands of miles, as well as the rock moss longer, if the endless oasis.

  • 不仅充满神秘色彩,更重要的是,一年中只有这一天,他们可以穿上五颜六色的化妆服,戴上千奇百怪的面具,提上一盏“杰克灯”,要回来一堆堆的糖果。
    Not only for its mysteriousness, but more importantly, for one day of the year, they can wear the creative customs, the funny masks, the fun trick-or-treating, and the limitless candies.

  • 对于社交网站而言,SNS以人为核心,聚集了大量的用户,而每个人的需求都不尽相同,没有哪一个SNS社区网站可以满足所有用户的千奇百怪的需求。
    The social sites, SNS human-centred, gathered a large number of users, and each person's needs are different, not a single SNS communities all users of the site to meet the demand for variety.

  • 每日安静地穿梭于百度园地之中,看人来人往,看花开花落,看数也数不尽的青松翠柏,看日新月异的高楼大厦,看千奇百怪的人生断想,看五彩缤纷的网络世界。
    Daily quietly in baidu garden, people come and go, see flowers bloom, and countless of humans, look at the changing various buildings, DuanXiang life, see multicoloured network in the world.

  • 从事这项工作的医师都是医学领域当中绝对的权威,因为他们可以通过病理学揭穿所有千奇百怪的谋杀手段,如果没有他们,其中的一些可能永远都不会被觉察出来。
    As Jack looks out at his four years in Santa Cruz, he wonders if this isn't the best time of his life, and he wonders whether it might be a mistake to let it all go just because of graduation.

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