利欲熏心  lì yù xūn xīn








  • 对那些利欲熏心的贪污盗窃分子, 一定要按照政策严肃处理。
    Those embezzlers and grafters who are reckless with greed must be dealt with seriously in accordance with the policy.

  • 感动的天才。诅咒的疯狂。利欲熏心的爱。
    Touched by Genius. Cursed by Madness. Blinded by Love.

  • 由于利欲熏心,有些官员常常拿自己的政治生涯冒险。
    Driven by their greed for money, some officials often put their political careers on the line.

  • 在单一档案中,企鹅游行利欲熏心的暴风雪,冲击强风。
    In single file, the penguins march blinded by blizzards, buffeted by gale force winds.

  • 在上帝面前,她是一个利欲熏心的罪人,必会受到惩罚。
    In front of God, she is a sinner with heart full of lust, who will definitely be punished.

  • 然而,一些利欲熏心的商贩在电子秤上作弊坑害消费者。
    However, the pedlar of a few be blinded by gain is cogged on electronic balance entrap consumer.

  • 政治到底是鼓舞人心的还是利欲熏心的,始终无法分辨。
    Whether politics actually encourages the trait or simply attracts those who possess it is unclear.

  • 再怎么利欲熏心的政府都不敢把“小学校”卖给地产商的。
    How were blinded by the government dare to the "primary" sold to developers.

  • 我正在考虑描述人类的不洁,人与人关系中利欲熏心的方面。
    I'm thinking about describing the nastiness of human beings, the sordid part of relationships.

  • 欧文在《纽约外史》里把它描写成利欲熏心的杨基商人群集之地。
    In his "History of New York", Irving pictured it as a region of unscrupulous Yankee traders.

  • 苏格兰上层贵族满足于所取得的成就,受利欲熏心,向长腿国王妥协了。
    Scottish nobles to meet in the upper achievements by greed, long legs to the King of the compromise.

  • 道德会阻止利欲熏心的人们为达到自己的目的而采取的冷酷无情的行为。
    Morality gets in the way of the cold, hard actions truly ambitious people must take to reach their goals.

  • 那些养尊处优,睚眦必报,利欲熏心的薄情寡义之徒,有几人能安享长寿?
    Those Yangzunchuyou, will Yazi reported that the only Boqingguayi blinded by greed, few can lead a long life?

  • 显而易见的,只有利欲熏心的教授才会设法使用第五条的内容来取代这一条。
    It's only natural that profit-minded professors will work to replace this by using #5.

  • 否则,那种利欲熏心的人生是可悲的人生,毫无价的人生,没有意义的人生。
    Otherwise, the kind of greed is the sad life of life, there is no value in life, there is no meaning of life.

  • 他们利欲熏心毫不怀疑地收下,结果都沉沦于黑暗力量,成为黑暗魔君的奴隶。
    Blinded by their greed, they took them without question. One by one, falling into darkness. Now they are slaves to his will.

  • 在饲料原料中加入“蛋白精”,到底是蛋白原料供应商的无知,还是利欲熏心使然?
    In the feed raw materials in the "precision protein", in the end is a protein raw material supplier of ignorance, greed or due to?

  • 不排除有些网站迫于竞争形势,不得不以低俗内容赚得更多的点击率,但也有个别就是利欲熏心
    Do not eliminate some websites by force of competitive situation, must with earn of low common content more hits, but also having is be blinded by gain individually.

  • 在《蚁丘编年史》里没有独特元素:没有情人爱侣、没有风云人物、没有意乱情迷、没有利欲熏心
    There are no individual perspectives in "The Anthill Chronicles": no lovers, no personalities, no neuroses, no selves.

  • 但是大多数东欧国家还没有改革他们的官僚体制,这就为那些利欲熏心的人创造了有利可图的捷径。
    But most east European countries have yet to reform their bureaucracies, creating lots of opportunities for peddlers of lucrative short cuts.

  • 在《蚁丘编年史》里没有独特元素:没有情人情夫、没有风云人物、没有意乱情迷、没有利欲熏心
    There are no individual perspectives in "The Anthill Chronicles": no lovers, no personalities, no neuroses, no selves.

  • 他还说,如果政府不改变他们对虚假广告的态度,许多利欲熏心不择手段的公司还会继续钻这种空子。
    He said many unscrupulous firms would continue to take advantage of the loophole if the authorities did not change their attitude towards fake advertisements.

  • 他说同时也需要采取合适的人道主义措施,只有这样才会使移民不会被迫求助于那些利欲熏心的蛇头。
    He said it also cause city calls for the adoption of adequate humanitarian measures , so immigrants are not compelled to turn to on screwed unscrupulous human trafficstraffickers.

  • 足球联赛的比赛一直比英超联赛观众多,但这一事实似乎一点都没有被两位教练利欲熏心的脑子所接受。
    The fact that more fans go to watch Football League sides than the Premiership each week doesn't even seem to enter their deluded minds.

  • 美国政府全面封杀中国奶粉,全世界人都知道中国人利欲熏心,无所敬畏,甚至为一已之利可以向全民投毒!
    S. government to cripple the existing formula China, the world's people know that the Chinese people blinded by greed, fear nothing, and even has a benefit to all the people poisoning!

  • 我们让自己进入了一个我们自己都很讨厌的,利欲熏心的事业中,认为只要有钱就会开心,这是一个很普通的情况。
    It is common to box ourselves into a lucrative career that we hate, with the belief that the money will make us happy.

  • 知识分子和官僚也许能在不畏强权的人民面前耀武扬威,但事实上他们只是一群利欲熏心的小人,一心为了构建其利益帝国。
    Intellectuals and bureaucrats might pose as champions of the people against the powerful. But in reality they were empire builders who were motivated by a noxious mixture of envy and greed.

  • 另外,为了防止这位利欲熏心的政治人物卷土重来,该州参议院还一致通过了永远拒绝布拉格耶维奇在该州谋取政治席位的决定。
    In addition, in order to prevent the greed of politicians make a comeback, the state Senate also unanimously adopted Forever Alexeyevich refused Prague in the state's decision to seek political seats.

  • 在彬彬有礼的外表之下,却呈现出一些营销者的急功近利和利欲熏心。>>相关阅读叹息声中的地产营销 楼盘销售,何去何从?
    In the appearance of man, talk show for instant success and were blinded by some marketing persons. >>related reading sigh of the real estate sales market sales go from here?

  • 唯利是图的商人、不忠诚的爱人、利欲熏心的黑社会、道貌岸然的英国朋友,交织成一张无形的网,究竟哪一个才是阴谋的起源?
    Profit-seeking businessmen, disloyal lover, blinded by greed, underworld, sanctimonious British friends, are woven into an invisible network, which is really the origin of the conspiracy?

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