一丝一毫  yī sī yī háo








  • 这件事使她没有一丝一毫的希望。
    This matter left her without a way of  hope.

  • 不要让爱妳的人受到一丝一毫的伤害!
    Don't hurt the people who love you very much!

  • 所以我们的目标非常清晰:我们不会放松一丝一毫
    So our objective is quite clear: we will not let up in the slightest.

  • 只要努力,从一丝一毫做起就能创造出不平凡的业绩。
    As long as effort, starting from yisiyihao can create extraordinary performance.

  • 只要努力,从一丝一毫做起就能创造出不平凡的业绩。
    As long as the efforts to start from a trace will be able to create extraordinary results.

  • 他们剥夺了我的尊严,让我没有一丝一毫的人身权利!
    They strip me of my dignity and take the vilest liberties with my person!

  • 所以他现在没有心来感觉到一丝一毫对我的怜悯之情了。
    and that he had now no heart in which to feel one sentiment of mercy for me.

  • 我们的正当要求绝不打任何折扣:我们一丝一毫也不退让。
    We abate nothing of our just demands: not one jot or tittle do we recede.

  • 爱情像香水,你不可能洒在别人身上自己却得不到一丝一毫
    Emerson Love is a perfume you cannot pour onto others without getting a few drops on yourself.

  • 爱情像香水,你不可能洒在别人身上自己却得不到一丝一毫
    Love is a perfume you cannot pour onto others without getting a few drops on yourself.

  • 这样,在发生灾难,你不会失去你的每一丝一毫的重要数据。
    That way, in the event of a catastrophe, you will not lose every shred of your important data.

  • 你当时认为我没有一丝一毫真正的感情,我相信你当时是那样想法。
    You thought me then devoid of every proper feeling, I am sure you did.

  • 日本侵略者不放过一丝一毫,就连一张小小的站台票也要乘机改换。
    Japanese aggressor does not let off a tiny bit, also want even a piece of little platform ticket to seize the opportunity to change.

  • 我要致力于爱我的伙伴,并以他真正应得的爱来爱他,一丝一毫都不少。
    I am committed to learning how to love my partner as much as he or she truly deserves to be loved.

  • 我平凡但我不平庸,我相信只只要努力,从一丝一毫做起就能创造出不平凡的业绩。
    My ordinary but Im not mediocrity, I believes long as effort, starting from yisiyihao can create extraordinary performance.

  • 我平凡但我不平庸,我相信只只要努力,从一丝一毫做起就能创造出不平凡的业绩。
    I ordinary mediocre but I do not, I believe that the only As long as the efforts to start from a trace will be able to create extraordinary results.

  • 我保证我方下个月发送的产品和你刚才所见到的样品在质量上不会有一丝一毫的差别。
    I guarantee that there is not difference in quality between the products we send you next month and what's samples you saw just now.

  • 生命的历程中,会经历很多的人和事,许多的往事都会随风飘散,不会留下一丝一毫的痕迹。
    The course of life, to go through a lot of people and events, many of the events will be released into the atmosphere the wind will not leave a trace of a trace.

  • 他罗列出一大堆必须向他购买灭火器的理由,似乎决心不让我发出一丝一毫拒绝或者质疑的声音。
    He built up to a crescendo of reasons why his fire extinguisher was a "must-have" item, and seemed determined not to let me voice any objections or questions.

  • 如果你对任何人有一丝一毫的诋毁,无论是在你的心思里还是语言里,你自己的安宁与快乐就会消失。
    If you defame anyone even slightly, whether in your mind or words, your own peace and happiness will disappear.

  • 如果他脑子里对酒钱如何付还有一丝一毫的疑惑,他准会装一番糊涂,通常的伎俩是假装看不见东西了。
    If there is any doubt in his mind as to how the drinks are going to be paid he will be sure to put on a stunt. The usual one is to pretend that he is going blind.

  • 吴澧培果然是熟悉银行运作的大老,想得出如此妙招,问题是:吴澧培难道没有一丝一毫法律、道德的常识吗?
    Wu Li-pei, is really familiar with the operation of the bank's Cairn, think of such a coup, the question is: Is Wu Li-pei, bit no legal, moral sense of it?

  • 三亚的发展,必须以环境保护为出发点和归宿,必须经过严格的专家论证和严格的环境评估,不能有一丝一毫含糊。
    Sanya development, for environmental protection must be the starting point and destination, must undergo strict and rigorous environmental assessment expert appraisal, can not make any bit vague.

  • 我一个朋友也没有,是你主动当了我的朋友,你给我的感动你给我的一丝一毫我都会好好珍藏着,一直一直珍藏着。
    When i am alone, you are always there with me to be my friend. I will treasure every moment deep in my heart.

  • 我尊敬你,怜惜你,爱你,仰慕你,想你,弄得自己已经快要四分五裂,快要崩溃了,这种感情里怎会有一丝一毫的不敬?
    I respect you, pity you, love you, admire you, like you, very soon he had split up, going to collapse, and where such feelings will not have a shred of disrespect?

  • 但是,如果人按我们所说的第一个原则(卽思念德行的方法)去做的话,当情欲被撃退离去后,在理智上不会留下一丝一毫的痕迹。
    But if a man acts by the first rule we have mentioned, when the passions are repulsed they leave no trace in the mind.

  • 作为她的每一位成员除了美好的祝愿,我们应该怎样纪念党的生日呢?一句话,党员只能为党增辉添彩,而不能给党抹一丝一毫的黑。
    A word, the Party member can buy variety for Dang Zenghui only, and what cannot wipe a tiny bit to the party is black.

  • 他很聪明、非常自信,但他对于傻瓜和笨蛋没有一丝一毫的忍耐力,而这两类人在妒才、冗杂而又庞大的华盛顿官僚机构里却比比皆是。
    Bright and most self-confident, he has an abrasive intolerance for dumbness and dullards, both of which abound in the jealous, overlapping, mammoth Washington bureaucracies.

  • 在之前总以为爱一个人就是常常的陪伴在她的左右,让她感受到快乐和幸福,不让她受到哪怕一丝一毫的委屈,不让她在自己的呵护下再流眼泪。
    Love always thought that before a person is often accompanied her around, she felt happy and well-being, not even a shred of her being wronged, from her care in their own shed tears again.

  • 修行人在做到了无相无住而生其心之后,不论风多大、多强,都不会激起一丝一毫的喧闹之声,这时候的修行人,他们的心,就自然的显得平静而安稳了。
    If the man of practice can maintain his mind by no-self and being flexibility, there is no sound being stirred despite the strongest gust. Thus, his mind becomes tranquil and stable.

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