非此即彼  fēi cǐ jí bǐ






  • 你用「是」回答非此即彼的问题。
    You answer either/or questions with yes.

  • 因此,负利率并不是一个非此即彼的命题。
    Negative interest rates are therefore not an all-or-nothing proposition.

  • 门不关就得开,二者必居其一。/非此即彼
    A door must be either shut_or_open.

  • 门不关就得开,二者必居其一。/非此即彼
    A door must be either shut or open. .

  • 爱我还是恨我,非此即彼,这矛盾永远存在。
    Love me or hate me, it's one or the other. Always has been.

  • 我们需要摆脱“非此即彼”的思维方式的束缚。
    We need to get rid of the shackle of 'either/ors' ways of thinking.

  • 问题产生的根本原因在于我们非此即彼的思维方式。
    The cause for this difficulty lies in our "black-or-white" mode of thinking.

  • 你不能侍奉两个主人,你必须侍奉其中一个,非此即彼
    You cannot serve two masters; you must serve one or the other.

  • 通常认为,形而上学是“非此即彼”的绝对化思维方式。
    Usually, metaphysics is regarded as the absolutizational thought in the way of Ether this or That.

  • 中南海的计划是非此即彼的:要么是快速增长,要么是政治动乱。
    The calculation in Zhongnanhai is binary: rapid growth or political convulsion.

  • 我的祖父母认为人要么是诚实的,要么就是不诚实的,非此即彼
    My grandparents believed you were either honest or you weren't. There was no in between.

  • 移民国外与他们是否爱国没有关系,因为这不是一个简单的非此即彼逻辑关系。
    Immigration has nothing to do with whether they are patriotic, because it is not either this or that.

  • 事实上,法律的“遗忘”(legallimbo)并不是一个非此即彼的状态;
    In fact, legal limbo is not an either-or condition;

  • 这或许并不全然是荒唐可笑的,但现在要做出“非此即彼”的结论似乎为时过早。
    This may not be altogether laughable but it seems a little early to draw any conclusion one way or another.

  • 非此即彼,没有中间一类人,这是来自西北大学和雅虎研究版块进行的研究中的话。
    You're either one or the other, with no in-between category, says research from Northwestern University and Yahoo!

  • 这已不再是「最初的微生物要不是发源于地球,就是来自外太空」这种非此即彼的问题。
    It is no longer an either-or question of whether the first microbes arose on Earth or arrived from space.

  • 你被允许看到事物都是有两面性的,不必经常要顺从的把你的选择归咎到非此即彼的政策。
    You're allowed to see both sides of the coin without always having to reconcile your choices into black and white policy.

  • 生活中,我们习惯于进行非此即彼的对立,实际上,很多的事情不仅不矛盾,而且是相辅相成的。
    Life, we are accustomed to either-or confrontation, in fact, a lot of things not only contradictory, but complementary.

  • 世界并不是像他想象和需要的那么简单,即使他自己也不能坚持他用来评价他人的非此即彼的标准。
    He does not like to imagine the world and the need for simple, even though he insisted he can not be used to evaluate the others either.

  • 在新旧不两立的民初,非此即彼,更加深了遗老选择的痛苦,选择的过程正是遗老门痛苦的心理历程。
    The choice between the new and the old, leads to the suffering of selection of the group of the old adherents of the collapsed Qing Dynasty.

  • 互补反义词具有这样的特征,否定其中一个就意味着肯定另一个。也就是说,是一个非此即彼、非彼即此的问题。
    A pair of complementary antonyms is characterized by the feature that the denial of one member of the pair implies the assertion of the other.

  • 报告称:“粮食生产、水供应、公共卫生和人们的生活已经遭到破坏。想找一个‘非此即彼'的办法是不可能的。
    "Food production, water supplies, public health and people's livelihoods are already being damaged and undermined, "the report says. "There is no either/or approach possible.

  • 神经网络所获得的输入/输出关系无法用容易被人接受的方式表示出来,存在非此即彼的绝对性,使诊断结果与实际情况不符。
    The experimental result indicates that this method, compared with the common one, can make up the shortcoming of the single-handed application of fuzzy classification or neural network.

  • 一些管理者有时用非此即彼的方式处理问题,这虽然是他们简化复杂问题的方法,但是习惯了简化常使他们看不到别的解决办法。
    For example, managers sometimes treat problems in an either/or fashion; this is their way of simplifying complex problems. But the tendency to simplify blinds them to other alternatives.

  • 更为关键的问题是决定如何更好地提供公共服务,而不是简单地在公共部门或私人部门经营整个监狱系统之间进行非此即彼的选择。
    What really counts is the decision on how best to deliver programs and services, not a simple dichotomized choice between the public sector and the private sector in the running of e…

  • 想找一个‘非此即彼'的办法是不可能的。整个世界必须履行承诺,在减少贫穷的同时解决气候变化问题。二者的联系是难解难分的。
    There is no either/or approach possible. The world must meet its commitments to achieve poverty reduction and also tackle climate change. The two are inextricably linked.

  • 赋予「王牌大骗子」、「王牌天神」和「没问题先生」故事情节活力的命题非此即彼,都有哲理寓言或禅宗公案的清晰单纯和重大意义。
    The either-or propositions that animate the plots of "Liar Liar, " "Bruce Almighty" and "Yes Man" have the stark simplicity and weighty significance of a philosophical fable or a Zen koan.

  • 正如一些报纸似乎正在思索的,收费提供网络内容的阅读和继续让文章链接出现在谷歌资讯和谷歌搜索中,二者并不是非此即彼的选择。
    Nor is there a choice, as some newspapers seem to think, between charging for access to their online content or keeping links to their articles in Google News and Google Search.

  • 另外,你应该能够在iPad上通过iPhone上面的Kindle应用程序阅读Kindle电子书,所以或许不会遇到一个非此即彼的选择。
    And since you should be able to read Kindle e-books on an ipod anyway, through the i Phone's Kindle app, it may not become a either-or matter.

  • 易言之,不是二者之间的一种非此即彼的选择,而是二者之兼综的一种“第三条道路”、一种“后现代行政”,这才是中国社会行政改革的真正归宿。
    In other words, it is not an either-or alteration but a "third way" to do both, namely, a "postmodern administration". This is really the ultimate end of China's reform in social administration.

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