避重就轻  bì zhòng jiù qīng








  • 今年许多政治家选择避重就轻
    This year many politicians took the path of least resistance.

  • 对项目重大质量事故隐匿不报或避重就轻
    Concealment of the project reported major accidents or trivial;

  • 白先勇则避重就轻回应称:“就是不合法。”
    Pai Hsien-yung is the easy way to respond: "that is illegal."

  • 但是浮光掠影是最省钱的。)我避重就轻地说。
    But glimps is the best way to save money.

  • 从媒体的报道来看,新股发行制度的改革有避重就轻之嫌。
    From media reports, the new distribution system reform of DAB.

  • 面对挫折,有的人避重就轻,用谎言掩饰自己,诿过于他人;
    The face of setbacks, some people avoiding the use of lies to conceal themselves, put the blame on others;

  • 的确,在现实生活中,我们常常能看到人性的一个弱点:避重就轻
    Certainly, in the actual life, we often can see a human's weakness : Avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial.

  • 而华友则通过相关渠道避重就轻地提出独立财团的构成没有公开化。
    And Hua Youze avoids the important and dwell on the trivial through relevant channel the ground offers independent financial group form without be brought into the public.

  • 我们所需的是少一点避重就轻的噱头、多一点旨在问题解决的实际外交。
    What we need is less symbolism and more diplomatic heavy-lifting aimed at a practical settlement of the Tibet question.

  • 首先,扁先避重就轻认错,民进党及绿营一开始则是震惊并且强烈批评;
    First, the easy way out flat first to admit their mistakes, the Democratic Progressive Party and the Green Camp is the beginning of shock and criticism;

  • 这是一个负责任的政府作出的答复吗?不,这个答复明显在避重就轻,“朗先生说。
    "Is this a reply by a responsible municipal government? No, it's a reply that avoids touching on the important points but dwells on the trivial, " Mr Lang said.

  • 欧巴马避重就轻,大胆试探说:「现在我们至少看到了重启以巴认真谈判的可能性。」
    "What we're seeing is at least the possibility that we can restart serious talks, " he ventured.

  • 不管你生来是怎样的人:礼仪上,“随意些”,避重就轻或是兴奋紧张,用上那些特征。
    Whatever your natural self is: formal, "laid back, " understated, or hyper, use those traits.

  • 但出乎刘女士预料,虽然售楼小姐们脸上仍挂着微笑,但对于自己的问题却是避重就轻
    She is the surprise, although the sales ladies were still hanging smile on her face, but is important for its own problems.

  • 从小说到电影的改编过程中主题的变动中他往往采用“避重就轻,强调共通精神”的套路;
    In the process of adapting novel for film, he usually uses the style by emphasizing on the common thing, not the special thing.

  • 忽略、隐瞒、畏缩、献媚和避重就轻等在对现在美国记者工作的描述中必定都是有力的动词。
    Ignore, hide, deflect, cower, and fawn have to be the action verbs in the job descriptions of American journalists today.

  • “想多推销出房子挣到佣金,售楼人员大多用这几招,”“老售楼”说,第一招是避重就轻
    "wish to earn commissions selling a house, most of the sales personnel in the old, " "old sales, " said one stroke is important.

  • 在证据面前,林利不得不低下了头,态度有所转变,但始终是避重就轻,不肯彻底交代犯罪事实。
    Before the evident, Lin Li had to low his head with a attitude changing, but he always made a performance-avoidance and refused to confess criminal facts thoroughly.

  • 这位老板对员工发表的有关削减费用的讲话避重就轻,因为他没有提到他要削减一半岗位的计划。
    EXAMPLE: The boss's speech to his company's workers about the need to reduce expenses was a cop-out because he didn't mention his plan to eliminate half of their jobs.

  • 我的暑期计划中的大部分都完成了。但我还是没能完成全部。我感到伤感,好像看上去我在避重就轻
    Most of my summer plan was done. But I still didn't finished it. I feel sad and it seems I can't do anything difficult.

  • 建立随手的“待办事项”清单,并且分好“轻、重、缓、急”,不要避重就轻跳过难题选容易的去做。
    Create and keep your "To Do List" handy. Prioritize your tasks. Don't skip over the difficult items when checking to see what needs completing next.

  • 棘手的加泰罗尼亚问题通过颁布一部新自治法似乎得到了解决,尽管其规定中有些许避重就轻的色彩。
    The ticklish Catalan question appears to have been answered, with a bit of fudging, through a new autonomy statute.

  • 竞选期间,奥巴马一再指责麦凯恩躲避经济实质问题的原因,避重就轻,所以在刺激美国经济方面奥巴马更为强势。
    During the election campaign, Obama has repeatedly accused McCain to avoid the real economic problem, the easy way out, so in the United States to stimulate the economy Obama even more powerful.

  • 房地产销售其实只是如何运用战略的问题,换句话说,销售就是了解竞争对手之动态,把握住时机,避重就轻而已。
    In fact, just how to use real estate sales strategy, in other words, marketing is understanding the dynamics of competitors, take the opportunity to avoid.

  • 在采访其他几家房产公司时,笔者也遇到了同样的情况,不是难以自圆其说,就是避重就轻,说一些不着边际的话。
    several other property companies in the interview, I also encountered the same situation, not difficult to justify, that is important, said some irrelevant remarks.

  • 两名昨天出庭的犯罪嫌疑人没有提出避重就轻的认罪。一名嫌犯的律师也到场了,据他说他的代理人将提出无罪抗辩。
    The two men who appeared in court yesterday entered no plea although the lawyer who appeared for one said they would plead not guilty.

  • 记者询问这种手机是否有保修卡,柜台老板避重就轻地说,有一年的保修期,如果有什么问题拿到他那里,他负责保修。
    Reporters asked whether there is such a phone warranty card, easy way to counter the boss said, one-year warranty, if there are any problems, he got there, he was responsible for the warranty.

  • 而对于项目设计上的一些缺陷和不足之处,售楼人员也往往会采用避重就轻,指东打西的做法,使购房者相信他们的房子是最好的。
    For the project design errors and inadequacies, while sales personnel often use that approach East-West, so that property buyers believe that their house is the best.

  • 比如,作者用了十二页的篇幅描写集束炸弹,却只字未提公共服务改革这种对英国有深远意义的主题。这不免有些避重就轻的感觉。
    The balance is not perfect: the 12 pages devoted to cluster bombs, for example, seem a bit excessive when a topic as fundamental to Britain as the reform of public services is untouched.

  • 当然,作者在内容分配上仍有些比例不当。比如,作者用了十二页的篇幅描写集束炸弹,却只字未提公共服务改革这种对英国有深远意义的主题。这不免有些避重就轻的感觉。
    The balance is not perfect: the 12 pages devoted to cluster bombs, for example, seem a bit excessive when a topic as fundamental to Britain as the reform of public services is untouched.

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