老态龙钟  lǎo tài lóng zhōng







  • 要知道,老态龙钟是因为放弃了去追求理想。
    We grow old by deserting our ideals.

  • 我是否应该让自己看上去老态龙钟好让你放下呢?
    Should I look older just to be put on your shelf?

  • 我已渐渐是老态龙钟,不可能正确的记下每件事了。
    I am getting senile and not able to remember things correctly.

  • 我早就想把家里这台老态龙钟的“奔腾166”给扔了。
    I think early this anility in the home " gallop 166 " to threw.

  • 最后来到地下室,才看见一个老态龙钟的老太婆坐在里面。
    Finally she came to the cellar. A very old woman was sitting there shaking her head.

  • 保持体型,臃肿的身材和浑身的脂肪会让人显得老态龙钟
    Carry bodily form, the figure of overstaffed and all over adipose meeting lets a person appear anility.

  • 鲍比:一些歌手似乎就是到了老态龙钟的时候也还在坚持唱歌。
    Bobby: Some singers just seem to keep on singing even when they are haggard.

  • 老子对这种变老,变丑,变成老态龙钟的现象,完全不着好恶之情。
    Loatse neither liked nor distasted the phenomena that flower gets aged, ugly and senile.

  • 没有人会单单由于岁月的流逝儿衰老,有的人却因为放弃理想而老态龙钟
    Nobody grows old merely by a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals.

  • 可他们不珍惜时间,等到他们老态龙钟时,等待他们的只有无怨无悔的忧伤。
    But they do not value time, until they are senile, the waiting for their only pure, unmitigated grief.

  • 共济会员老态龙钟地、嗓子嘶哑地咳嗽几声,清清喉咙,又向仆人喊了一声。
    The freemason cleared his throat huskily, as old men do, and called his servant.

  • 昼夜更替、时光飞逝,从蹒跚学步到老态龙钟,我们来去匆匆,却欣欣向荣
    Night goes closely after daytime, Time and tide wait for nobody. We step from infant to senility in a hurry, however prosperous in soul.

  • 下左为婆薮仙,神情自若,老态龙钟,下右方为吉祥天,神情安详,持重彬彬。
    Under the left for both Mitoji centsshen qing zi ruo , lao tai long zhong , under the right for the auspicious days, looked serene, discreet Binbin.

  • 但是这些新的百岁老人会活得非常健壮,而不是像过去那种满脸褶子、老态龙钟
    But instead of being wrinkled and crippled, these centenarians will be in their vigorous prime.

  • 康克雷特近年来做过面部整容术,所以看上去再也不是以前那副老态龙钟的难看样子了。
    Concrete has had a face - lift in recent years and is no longer its old forbidding grey self.

  • 玛丽·卡森老态龙钟的躯体内带着极大的痛苦,她希望能拒绝这件事或者和他们一道去骑马。
    With every bitter bone in her swollen old body Mary Carson had wished she had been able to refuse, or else ride with them.

  • 这是一般人的状况,当然,也有上了50仍然生龙活虎的;不过,也有到了40就老态龙钟的。
    This is the average person, of course, also have a 50 is still alive, However, there are also at 40 is horrified.

  • 加布里埃尔的母亲批评霍华德先生,说他“老态龙钟”,不了解13岁和14岁的女孩是什么样子。
    Her mother dismisses Mr Howard as "doddery" and out of touch with what 13 and 14-year-old girls are like.

  • 老态龙钟的罗丝讲完这段爱情后,把那串价值连城的珠宝沉入海底,让它陪着杰克和这段爱情长眠海底。
    Rose finished this love after that valuable jewelry into the sea, it accompanied Jack and this love buried seabed.

  • 老态龙钟的罗丝讲完这段爱情后,把那串价值连城的珠宝沉入海底,让它陪着杰克和这段爱情长眠海底。
    Ross finished the doddering this love, then sank Nachuan priceless jewelry, it takes a long love Jack and this submarine.

  • 老态龙钟的罗丝讲完这段爱情后,把那串价值连城的珠宝沉入海底,让它陪着杰克和这段爱情长眠海底。
    Doddering the Rose wanted this love, the Neichuan value of jewellery into the sea, and let this love soldiers, who accompanied Jack seabed.

  • 该地区的人们习惯于激进式的突变,这算是一大优点,而那些老态龙钟的西欧国家几乎难以想象这样的变化。
    A big asset is that people in the region are used to radical change in a way that the old, tired countries of western Europe can hardly imagine.

  • 我完全没有了时间的概念,不过那面镜子、我光秃秃的头、长长的白须还有关节的疼痛告诉我,我已经老态龙钟了。
    I've lost all notion of time, but the mirror, my baldness, my long white beard, and the pain in my joints tell me that I'm very old.

  • 我们大部分的人,总是因为懒惰,或是不重视,导致我们体内的冠军基因逐渐老化,最终变得像我们一样老态龙钟
    The fact is that most of us are just too lazy or too ignorant to activate the champion genes/cells within us until one day, they all become too senile to move, just like us eventually.

  • 老态龙钟的罗丝讲完这段哀恸天地的爱情之后,把那串价值连城的珠宝沉入海底,让它陪着杰克和这段爱情长眠海底。
    Doddering the Rose wanted this world who love lives, the value of jewellery Neichuan land sank to the bottom of the sea, and it ends this love soldiers, who accompanied the seabed.

  • 慈祥的老态龙钟的阿尔弗雷多是个放映师,神话的编制者以及来之不易智慧的给予者,信奉意大利宿命论,闪烁着粗糙的父爱。
    The kindhearted, craggy Alfredo is the projectionist, the spinner of myth and the giver of a hard-won wisdom, full of Italian fatalism, winks and rough fatherly love.

  • 阳台、窗户用白色石膏线装饰一新,这些原本“老态龙钟”的旧楼被粉饰一新后,让从三环上驾车而过的人们,都不禁眼前一亮。
    Porch, windows with white plaster decoration of a new line, the original "doddering" old buildings were glossing over a new, and a drive for the three circles of the people, can not help another.

  • 共和党人所谓“宗教优先权”的观点造就了类似里克•沃伦这样的宗教明星,另一位处境尴尬的政客,或许他更像是一匹老态龙钟地战马。
    In the Republican "evangelical primary" rising stars like Rick Warren, another reluctant politician, may count for as much as the old war horses.

  • 在我成年后的流浪岁月里,我丢失的财物中有一件就是我的姑姑拍摄的照片,上面有安娜贝尔,他父母和一个老态龙钟、神色安详的簸足绅士,库柏医生。
    Among some treasures I lost during the wanderings of my adult years, there was a snapshot taken by my aunt which showed Annabel, her parents and the staid, elderly, lame gentleman, a Dr.

  • 王子脸色苍白,无精打采,躺在床上等死;就在这时候,他的老奶妈走进屋来。王子从小是她奶大的,后来她一直服侍他,现在已是个老态龙钟的老太婆了。
    Pale and limp as a rag, the prince lay on his bed waiting to die, when in walked his old nurse, a decrepit old soul now who had nursed him as a baby and who still worked for him.

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