群起而攻之  qún qǐ ér gōng zhī








  • 他们群起而攻之,说我是在用集中营威胁他们。
    They smuggled in some food for the comrades in the concentration camp .

  • 只要叫他一次真名字,大伙儿就会群起而攻之
    It only needed a single use of his real name and the gang would be at his heels.

  • 他们群起而攻之,说我是在用集中营威胁他们。
    They charged that I had threatened them with concentration camp .

  • 仿佛是约好的,传统媒体突然对谷歌群起而攻之
    Asing if agree, traditional media is opposite suddenly Gu Ge group rise and attack.

  • 每年,孩子们都对我群起而攻之,将我抛入游泳池。
    nbsp][$nbsp]Every year, all the kids gang up on me and throw me in the pool.

  • 如果有人破了规矩,敢于降价竞销,则必群起而攻之
    If someone breaks the rules, dare to cut prices, less oppose it.

  • 对个人群起而攻之在网络,在现实中都是越线的行为。
    To the individual group rise and attack in the network, the behavior that exceeds a line is in reality.

  • 当政客们对央行群起而攻之时,情况坏得不能再坏了。
    It could not be a worse time for a politician to launch broadsides at a central bank.

  • 虽然是假,但也不用群起而攻之。每个人都有学习的过程。
    Though it's fake, but it's no need to accuse it together everybody. Everyone would become superior from inferior.

  • 当它们在4F的领地被入侵者威胁到的时候,它们会群起而攻之
    When their territory on〓4F is threatened, they〓will swarm to attack〓the interloper.

  • 尽管三龙一通的格局尚未改变,但群起而攻之的二三线企业却在不断发力。
    Despit the pattern of Sanlong and Yitong has not be changed, second or third line of companies continuously increase power.

  • 战后,给事中方培上奏弹劾张佩纶,朝中一些人物也怀着各种目的群起而攻之
    After the war, zhang pei lun impeachmentgei shi zhong fang pei shang zou , North Korea, some people oppose it with a variety of purposes.

  • 她以及她的内阁成员在工作中不可能不犯错误,一旦出现错误,他们就会遭到群起而攻之
    Any mistake she and her Cabinet made which they would be bound to do from time to time, would have had them baying for blood.

  • 但检测到带有来自细菌、病毒或其它入侵者蛋白片段MHC分子时,T细胞就会群起而攻之
    But when they detect an MHC molecule carrying a protein fragment from a bacterium, virus, or other invader, the T cells launch an attack.

  • 来往的电文,只要其中任何一部分稍有泄露,国内所有的孤立主义势力就一定对总统群起而攻之
    All the forces of isolationism would have been aroused if any part of these interchanges had transpired.

  • 两年前,中国网民就曾通过“人肉搜索”搜寻到“虐猫事件”的当事人,群起而攻之,最终令其道歉。
    Two years ago, the Chinese netizens had adopted "human search for" search for "abuse of the cat incident, " the party, oppose and ultimately his apology.

  • 关于火把节的来历,路南一带彝族传说,古时有个魔玉残酷迫害百姓,群众无可忍受,便群起而攻之
    Torch Festival on the history of the road along the south Yi legend, in ancient times there was a magic-brutal persecution of the people, the masses no tolerable, we oppose.

  • 少男少女们对于我把他们的美好初恋比喻成一支圆珠笔,肯定是大不以为然,也许因此要群起而攻之
    The teenage boys and girls become regarding me theirs happy first love analogy a ball pen, definitely is greatly thinks otherwise, perhaps therefore must rally together to attack.

  • 灰狼偶尔也会单独觅食,一旦发现了猎物,就会扯开嗓子嚎叫不止,召唤其他的同伴,以便群起而攻之
    The ash wolf occasionally also will look for food alone, once discovers the thing of 猎 , will speak out loud the 嚎 calls not only, invoke the other companion, in order to everyone but offend it.

  • 文件一出,不少开发商立即群起而攻之,直至上书有关部门,公开指责121号文是闭门造车搞“一刀切”。
    Document one out, many developers immediately rallied to attack until written to the relevant departments, the public is behind closed doors, accusing 121 of engaging in "broad-brush".

  • 瑞秋:嗨,各位都准备怎么过新年?(他们都群起而攻之,用垫子打她)噫,怎么了?!新年有什么不对吗?
    Rachel: Hey, do you guys know what you're doing for New Year's? (They all protest and hit her with cushions) Gee, what?! What is wrong with New Year's?

  • 约翰在人们心目中的普遍形象就是一个昏君:诡计多端,利令智昏的懦夫,其贪心甚终导致群起而攻之
    The popular image of John is of a classically bad king: a scheming, untrustworthy coward consumed by greed, whose rapaciousness drove his subjects to impose their will upon him.

  • 尽管波斯的权贵人物、几乎所有神职人员乃至民众群起而攻之,欲除后快,但巴孛孤军奋战,震撼了整个波斯。
    Though the great personages of the State, nearly all the clergy, and the public men arose to destroy and annihilate Him, He alone withstood them and moved the whole of Persia.

  • 应用:a。下次如果下属对你群起而攻之,比如严厉批评你武断,停下来想想它的积极意义,应把它视为自己做人的一面镜子。
    The next time your men all turn against you—say, a harsh criticism on your arbitrariness—pause to reflect upon its positive significance and regard it as a mirror of your conduct.

  • 第一,对于每年供饮水给将近3千万美国人(暂不算湖对面的加拿大人)的五大湖,污染其中的任何一面都会遭到群起而攻之
    First, there is widespread hostility to polluting any of the five Great Lakes, which supply drinking water to some 30m Americans, not to mention many Canadians, each year.

  • 民主党占少数席时的前领导人物汤姆·达西利三年前在他领导这批少数席对多数派持异议时,就曾被他们群起而攻之,并因此下台。
    The Democrats' former minority leader, Tom Daschle of South Dakota, lost his seat three years ago when he was roundly attacked by the opposition for running a partisan, obstructionist minority.

  • 他说:“你要反对科学,虽然它不会杀死你,会群起而攻之,谁都说你是迷信,谁都说你是可笑,它还会把你从社会中贬得一钱不值。”
    He said, "If you're against science, although it won't kill you, people will rise up together to attack you."

  • 网友们时妙语联珠的精彩点评、时气宇轩昂的美好期望甚至是纵情一时的群起而攻之,都让现场短短的两个小时的PK的话题发扬光大至无穷大。
    Internet users are sometimes named the pearl of exciting developments, sometimes even above expectations of a hearty temporary oppose it, for the short two-hour PK forward to the endless big topic.

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